Second national task force meeting "Corruption Risk Management in the Transport sector"

Second National Task Force Meeting "Corruption Risk Management in the Transport sector" in Tunisia

Tunis, Republic of Tunisia, 1/16/2023 - 1/16/2023

Organized by: UNDP-ACIAC in cooperation with the General Administration of Governance and Prevention of Corruption in the Government of Tunisia and the Ministry of Transport

In cooperation with the Ministry of Transport and the General Administration of Governance and Prevention of Corruption in the Government of Tunisia, the "Regional Project on Anti-Corruption and Integrity in Arab Countries" under the United Nations Development Programme, is organizing the second meeting of the national working group responsible for managing corruption risks in the transportation sector in Tunis on 16 January 2023, with the
support of the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA). The meeting's objective is to continue providing technical assistance to the task force
through a joint review of progress and providing necessary technical guidance. The task force will also be presented with a communication plan that lays out the methods to engage with stakeholders, build awareness and understanding of the issues surrounding corruption, and ensure that the team is effectively communicating their progress. The presentation will also provide an opportunity for the task force to give feedback and provide input on the plan.
The technical meeting is based on the outcomes of an integrated cooperation path that included joint activities that began with a specialized workshop on corruption risks in the transport sector and ways to address them on 9 March 2022 and ended with a meeting between UNDP experts and members of the task force on 25 October 2022. These activities have enabled monitoring of the team's work and discussions on the outcomes and provision of necessary
recommendations and support

Agenda [English][Arabic]
List of Participants [English][Arabic]
Presentation "Sectoral Corruption Risk Management Methodology" - Anouar Ben Khelifa [Arabic]
Presentation "Towards a Communication Plan for the Sectoral Task Force" - Ornella Najem [Arabic]

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