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Algeria - Public Audit Bureau [French].
Bahrain - Anti Money Laundering Unit [English].
Bahrain - Anti-Corruption Unit in the Ministry of Interior [English][Arabic].
Bahrain - Bahrain Transparency Society [Arabic].
Bahrain - Bahrain Transparency Society [Arabic].
Bahrain - Public Prosecution .
Djibouti - State General Inspection [French].
Egypt - Administrative Control Agency [Arabic].
Egypt - Central Auditing Agency [Arabic].
Egypt - Egyptian Transparency Network [English][Arabic].
Egypt - Prime Minister Decision No. 2890 for year 2010, for the establishment of the National Coordinating Committee for the fight against corruption .
Egypt - Social Contract Center [English].
Egypt - Transparency and Integrity Comittee - Ministry of State for Administrative Developement [Arabic].
Egypt - Transparency and Integrity Committee - Ministry of State for Administrative Development [Arabic].
Egypt - Transparency, Accountability & Strengthening Anti-Corruption Mechanisms in Egypt [English][Arabic].
Iraq - Alliance for Integrity [Arabic].
Iraq - Bureau of Supreme Audit [English][Arabic].
Iraq - Commission of Integrity [Arabic].
Iraq - National Anti-Corruption Legislative Coalition [Arabic].
Jordan - Anti Corruption Commission [English][Arabic].
Jordan - Audit Bureau [Arabic].
Jordan - Jordan Transparency Association .
Kuwait - Audit Bureau [English][Arabic].
Kuwait - Kuwait Transparency Society [Arabic].
Lebanon - Central Inspection Bureau [Arabic].
Lebanon - Court of Audit [English][Arabic][French].
Lebanon - Lebanese Transparency Association [English].
Lebanon - Prime Minister Decision 156/2011 to establish a national ministerial anti-corruption committee [English].
Lebanon - Special Investigation Commission - Fighting Money Laundering  [English][Arabic].
Libya - Transparency Libya [English].
Mauritania - State General inspection [Arabic].
Morocco - Central Commission for Preventing Bribery .
Morocco - Court of Audit [Arabic][French].
Morocco - Ministry for Public Sector Modernization [English][Arabic].
Morocco - Transparency Morocco [French].
Oman - Omani Economic Association [English][Arabic].
Oman - State Audit Institution [Arabic].
State of Palestine - Coalition for Accountability and Integrity - AMAN [English][Arabic].
State of Palestine - State Audit and Administrative Control Bureau [English][Arabic].
Qatar - National Comittee for Integrity and Transparency .
Qatar - National Committee for Integrity and Transparency .
Tunisia - Audit Court [English][Arabic].
Tunisia - Commission for Monitoring Public Agencies [English][Arabic].
Tunisia - Tunisian Centre for Corporate Governance .
United Arab Emirates - Dubai Ethics Resource Center [English].
United Arab Emirates - State Audit Institution [Arabic].
Yemen - Central Organization for Control and Auditing [English][Arabic].
Yemen - Economic Media and Studies Center [Arabic].
Yemen - High Authority forTender Control [English][Arabic].
Yemen - Human Rights Information & Training Center [Arabic].
Yemen - Ministry of Justice  [Arabic].
Yemen - Supreme National Authority For Combating Corruption [Arabic].
Arab Region - Arab Anti-Corruption Organization [English][Arabic].
Arab Region - Arab Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions [English][Arabic][French].
Arab Region - Arab Parliamentarians Against Corruption [English][Arabic].
Arab Region - Arab Region Parliamentarians Against Corruption [English][Arabic].
Arab Region - Middle East & North Africa Financial Action Task Force (MENAFATF) [English][Arabic].
Arab Region - Transparency International - National Chapters and Contacts in the Middle East and North Africa [English].
International - .
International - .
International - Accountability: Institute of Social and Ethical Accountability [English].
International - Anti Money Laundering Blog  [English].
International - Business Anti-Corruption Portal [English].
International - Center for International Private Enterprise [English][Arabic].
International - Code of Professional Ethics [English].
International - Corruption Online Research and Information System [English].
International - Corruption Perceptions Index 2006 - World Map [English].
International - Council of Europe - The Group of States Against Corruption [English].
International - Financial Action Task Force [English][French].
International - Fiscal Transparency - Fact-sheet [English].
International - Global Integrity [English].
International - Global Organization of Parliamentarians Against Corruption  [English][French].
International - Global Witness  [English].
International - Governance and Anti-corruption Diagnostics Tools for Local Capacity Building and Action Programming [English].
International - Governance Diagnostic Capacity Building [English].
International - International Anti-Corruption Conference [English].
International - International Bar Association - Anti-Money Laundering Forum  [English].
International - International Chamber of Commerce - Standing Committee on Extortion and Bribery [English].
International - International Group for Anti Corruption Coordination  [English].
International - International Initiative on Corruption and Governance [English].
International - International Institute for Public Ethics [English].
International - International Monetary Fund [English][Arabic][French].
International - International Monetary Fund - Fiscal Transparency [English].
International - International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions [English][Arabic][French].
International - Internet Center for Corruption Research [English].
International - Islamic Corporation for Insurance of Investments and Export Credits  [English].
International - Model Legislation on Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism [English].
International - Model Money-Laundering, Proceeds of Crime and Terrorist Financing Bill 2003 [English].
International - Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism - The United Nations Response [English][Arabic][French].
International - Nathanson Center for the Study of Organized Crime and Corruption [English].
International - OECD Public Governance and Management [English][French].
International - Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development - Fighting Bribery and Corruption [English][French].
International - Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development - OECD Anti-Corruption Ring Online (ANCORR WEB) [English].
International - Partnership for Transparency [English].
International - Protocol against the smuggling of migrants by land, sea and air [English][Arabic][French].
International - RESPONDANET - Accountability/Anti-Corruption Project [English].
International - Rules of Conduct to Combat Extortion and Bribery [English].
International - Siemens Integrity Initiative .
International - TI Corruption Perception Index [English].
International - Tiri Making Integrity Work [English].
International - Transparency and Anti-Bribery Initiatives [English].
International - Transparency International [English].
International - Transparency International - Corruption Surveys and Indexes [English].
International - Transparency International - Global Coalition Against Corruption [English][French].
International - U.S. Department of State - Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs [English].
International - U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre [English].
International - United Against Corruption  [English].
International - United Nations Office for Drugs and Crime (UNODC) Model Proceeds of Crime and Unlawful Activities, Money-Laundering, and Terrorist Financing Bill 2004. [English].
International - United States - Department of State - Battling International Bribery [English].
International - Utstein Anti-Corruption Resource Centre [English].
International - World Bank - Anticorruption  [English].
International - World Bank Institute - Governance and Anti- Corruption Unit [English].
International - World Bank Multi-Pronged Strategies for Combating Corruption [English].
UN Agencies - Ethics, Transparency and Accountability [English].
UN Agencies - Public Service Ethics in Africa [English].
UN Agencies - Self-Assessment on the Implementation of the United Nation Convention Against Corruption [English].
UN Agencies - UNDP - Public Administration Reform and Anti-corruption [English].
UN Agencies - United Nations Convention Against Transnational Organized Crime and the Protocols Thereto [English][Arabic][French].
UN Agencies - United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime [English].
UN Agencies - United Nations Online Network in Public Administration and Finance [English].
UN Agencies - United Nations Public Administration and Finance Network - Statistical Databases [English].
Regional Non Arab - European Anti-Fraud Office [English][French].
National Non Arab - Department for International Development [English].
National Non Arab - Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission [English].
National Non Arab - Ministry of Foreign Affairs Netherlands [English].
National Non Arab - Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation [English].
National Non Arab - Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency [English].
National Non Arab - United States Department of State [English].


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