Minister Boulif inaugurating the workshop with high level representatives of organizing partners
The workshop was attended by more than 160 officials and experts from 18 Arab countries as well as partner countries and regional and international organizations
Participants linked their discussions with their countries’ efforts in anti-corruption and development
The session addressed key good practices and lessons learned from comparative experiences
Participants presented their countries’ key efforts in promoting integrity in the interface between the public and private sectors
The workshop included parallel sessions on the role each of governments and small and medium enterprises
A number of members of ACINET’s non-governmental group also participated in the workshop
The focus also included integrity challenges in the customs sector
Part of the participants in a group picture at the closing session

Regional Workshop: Integrity in the Interface between the Public and the Private Sectors in the Arab countries

Regional Workshop: Integrity in the Interface between the Public and the Private Sectors in the Arab countries

Casablanca, Kingdom of Morocco, 9/24/2013 - 9/25/2013

Organized by: ICPC and UNDP-ACIAC

The Kingdom of Morocco hosted a regional workshop entitled "Integrity in the Interface between the Public and Private Sectors in the Arab Countries" in Casablanca on 24-25 September 2013. This workshop was organized by UNDP’s Regional Project on Anti-Corruption and Integrity in the Arab Countries (UNDP-ACIAC) in partnership with the Central Authority for Corruption Prevention and in collaboration with the General Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises and the Ministry of General Affairs and Governance. The workshop is part of a series of regional activities organized to strengthen the integrity of the private sector in the Arab region, including national workshops, specialized research studies and two regional workshops; the first held in Tunis on 7-8 June 2012 and the second in Kuwait on 18-19 December 2012. The third regional workshop aimed to enable participants to discuss in depth major integrity challenges in the interface between the public and private sectors, with a focus on the areas of customs and public procurement. It also allowed for an exchange of experiences and expertise on measures and initiatives that can reduce related corruption risks. The workshop also provided a common platform to review progress achieved in strengthening the private sector integrity in various Arab countries during the past year. More than 150 participants from 13 Arab countries are attending the workshop, including senior representatives and distinguished experts from the public and private sectors as well as representatives of civil society and of regional and international organizations.

Programme [English][Arabic][French]
ABOUDRAR_Opening Statement [Arabic]
KADMIRI_Statement_Opening Session [French]
EGYPT_Statement_Session1 [Arabic]
MAURITANIA_Presentation_Session1 [Arabic]
FREDERICKS_Statement_Session2 [English]
KHARABCHEH_Statement_Session3 [English]
OLAYA_Presentation_Session3 [English]
BULLOCK_Presentation_Session3 [English]
REVESZ_Presentation_Session4 [English]
GILMAN_Presentation_Session4 [English]
HATTAR_Presentation_Session4 [English]
BENABBOU_Presentation_Session4 [English]
OUFRID_Presentation_Session4 [English]
ABDULLAH_Presentation_Side-meeting_Non-governmental group [Arabic]
ABOUDRAR_Closing Statement [Arabic]
Conclusions of the Workshop [Arabic]

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