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Palestinian Anti-Corruption Commission Issues 2013 Annual Report

State of Palestine - Friday, September 19, 2014

The Palestinian Anti-Corruption Commission released its 2013 annual report on 18 September 2014, after submitting it to related official authorities.
The report is divided into 17 sections, of which the first three sections provide a foreword by its president, an overview of the Commission and its National Anti-Corruption Strategy. As for the rest of the report, it introduces the main activities implemented in 2013 in cooperation with the different sectors involved in the fight against corruption, namely the public sector, the private sector, the universities, the media, in addition to other activities related to legal cases. Further sections present the Commission’s publications and studies and its participation in public events, workshops and international conferences. Finally, the last section of the report exposes the obstacles and challenges faced by the Commission in the course of its activities.
This comes out as the third annual report published by the Commission since its establishment in 2011, under the provisions of Article 11 of the Anti-Corruption Law, No. 1 of 2005.
For more information, the report in Arabic can be found under the following link:

Source: the Arab Anti-Corruption and Integrity Network (ACINET)


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