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Global Integrity Releases its 2009 Index

International - Tuesday, February 23, 2010

On 23 February 2010, “Global Integrity” released its 2009 Index, which includes, this year, an assessment of anti-corruption mechanisms in 35 countries including Algeria, Jordan and Lebanon, noting that the number of countries varies from year to year.The Index assesses the existence, effectiveness, and citizen access to key anti-corruption mechanisms at the national level in a country. It does not measure corruption per se or perceptions of corruption. Instead, it provides an “entry point for understanding the anti-corruption and good governance safeguards in place in a country that should ideally prevent, deter, or punish corruption”. The Index utilizes a methodology based on a quantitative analysis rather than being a survey. It is a compilation of country-specific expert assessments backed up by standardized scoring criteria, sourcing requirements, and a blind peer review process.
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