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Anti Corruption Civil Society Initiatives

Yemen - Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A number of Yemeni journalists and writers announced on November 7, 2007 the formation of an alliance against corruption called “Journalists Against Corruption”. The founders defined the objective of the alliance as effective participation in combating corruption and enhancing the principles of good governance in an organized and systematic way that enable the press to play a decisive role in this regard. The Alliance includes 41 journalists, in addition to a number of writers, lawyers, academicians and parliamentarians who are concerned with the issue of corruption. The Alliance would publish monthly, quarterly and annual reports on disclosed corruption cases and on the extent of adherence of state institutions to the rule of law, transparency, accountability and fighting bribery. These reports would be submitted to the Combating Corruption Commission, the central audit bureau and the attorney general. The Alliance coordinates efforts with volunteer lawyers to follow up on corruption cases in courts and other official bodies.


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