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99% of Syrians Says that Corruption is Pervasive in State Institutions

Syria - Thursday, February 21, 2008

An opinion poll published by “Al Thawra” official newspaper revealed that the vast majority of Syrians perceive corruption as widespread in state institutions, especially in the judicial system. According to the survey, 54% of Syrians consider corruption to be of large magnitude, whereas, 32% consider it uncontrollable. 46% perceive that high ranking employees as the most corrupt. Similarly, most respondents believe that the judiciary is the most corrupt institution, followed by the municipalities and the police. The survey carried out by the Syrian newspaper included 452 people from various areas in Syria. 402 responded with “Yes” to a question about the pervasiveness of a “corruption culture” whereby daily transactions could not be completed without paying a bribe. 246 believed that low salaries are the main cause of widespread corruption.
Source: AFP, Al-Hayat


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