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Towards the Adoption of the National Anti-corruption Strategy in Tunisia

Tunisia - Monday, May 4, 2015

In collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme, the National Anti-corruption Authority in Tunisia organized a workshop on "Activating the Path towards the Adoption of the National Anti-corruption Strategy" on 4 May 2015.

The workshop was opened by the Head of the National Anti-corruption Authority and high-level representatives from the Prime Minister’s Office and Parliament. UNDP’s Resident Representative in Tunisia also participated in the opening. The workshop was attended by members of Parliament and representatives of relevant ministries and the National Anti-corruption Authority, in addition to representatives of academia, civil society and the private sector, as well as regional and international experts whose participation was facilitated by UNDP’s Regional Project on Anti-Corruption and Integrity in the Arab Countries

Participants reviewed key anti-corruption developments in Tunisia, including efforts for the establishment of the Governance and Anti-corruption Authority which is meant to replace the current Anti-Corruption Authority as stipulated by the new Constitution in its Article 125. Participants also deepened their knowledge of regional and international standards and experiences related to the implementation of national anti-corruption strategies, and discussed how to benefit from comparative experiences in Tunisia, namely those in the framework of the "Arab Anti-Corruption and Integrity Network”.

Despite differences in the opinions of representatives from the Government and civil society about the procedures required for the adoption of the strategy, discussions during the closing of the meeting clearly indicated a consensus on the need to accelerate the implementation of the Constitutional requirement for the establishment of the new Governance and Anti-Corruption Authority and the adoption of the national anti-corruption strategy as soon as possible, although the workshop could not reach a specific agreement on the needed steps and timetable in this regard.

For more information about the workshop, including formal statements and presentations, please visit the following link.


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