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Jordan Anti-Corruption Commission Issues 2013 Annual Report

Jordan - Monday, September 1, 2014

The Jordanian Anti-Corruption Commission released its 2013 annual report on 31 September 2014, presenting the work it carried out in cooperation and coordination with other authorities related to anti-corruption in Jordan.
The report comprises two main parts, first dealing with the legal organization of the Commission, summarizing its work, its vision, its mission and its powers and exposing the main axes of its national anti-corruption strategy. As for the second part, it introduces the Commission’s main achievements in the fields of awareness raising, corruption prevention, law enforcement, local, regional and international cooperation, management, institutional capacity-building and internal control, before providing a summary of the commission’s budget.
This report comes out in accordance with the provisions of the Commission’s legal framework, which stipulates that an annual report should be prepared and approved by the board of the Commission before being submitted to the Council of Ministers and the National Assembly. It is the fourth time that the Commission publishes an annual report since its establishment in 2007, under the provisions of Law No. 62 of 2006.
For more information, the report in Arabic can be found under the following link:

Source: the Arab Anti-Corruption and Integrity Network (ACINET)


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