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Report on Water Governance in the Arab Region Now Available in Arabic

Arab Region - Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Water challenges can and must be addressed if the Arab region is to achieve the Millennium Development Goals, attain shared prosperity, and reach a future of sustainable human development. Addressing water challenges now can also help strengthen resilience by managing the risk of potential crises that could result from inaction, such as unplanned migration, economic collapse, or regional conflict. UNDP’s Regional Bureau of the Arab States, with support from the Swedish International Development Co-operation Agency (Sida), has drawn together experts from a number of Arab countries to produce the report on “Water Governance in the Arab Region: managing scarcity and securing the future”, formally launched in November 2013 and now available in Arabic. The report provides Arab countries and the international community, donors, and other stakeholders with an extensive understanding of the water situation in the region. In laying out the building blocks of good water governance needed to manage increasing water scarcity, it seeks to strengthen dialogue, raise awareness, and advance progress towards water-related development goals across the region.

Source: The United Nations Development Programme The report is available in English and in Arabic


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