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ESCWA Publishes a New Report on Arab Integration

Arab Region - Thursday, March 13, 2014

The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia "ESCWA" recently published a report entitled "Arab Integration: a 21st Century Development Initiative." This report represents a renewed call for a comprehensive human renaissance in the Arab region. It stresses that “Arab integration is a must by virtue of the common cultural and human heritage, and an imperative given the growing challenges faced by individual states in the world in times of change, new perspectives and options, challenges which may not be fit for a single country, no matter its size and influence." The report provides a strategic vision for integration based on three pillars: the first relates to political cooperation to support good democratic governance in the Arab countries; the second calls for deepening economic integration and reviving the project of economic unity; and the third is the overall cultural and educational reform. This report resulted from an ESCWA initiative with the participation of a distinguished group of Arab intellectuals. The report is available in Arabic and English.

Source: United Nations Economic an Social Commission for Western Asia "ESCWA"


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