Regional Meeting "Towards a Regional Alliance of Women Against Corruption"

Regional Meeting "Towards a Regional Alliance of Women Against Corruption"

Beirut, Lebanon, 4/27/2022 - 4/27/2022

Organized by: UNDP ACIAC

UNDP Regional Hub for Arab States organized a regional meeting entitled Towards a Regional Alliance of Women Against Corruption on 27 April 2022 in Beirut, Lebanon. The event brought together more than twenty women from the region who are active in leading dialogues and initiatives to strengthen transparent and accountable governance and tackle corruption, including women in government, business, civil society and academia. Participants were presented with recent research findings and global trends on the nexus between gender and corruption and enabled to discuss and formulate recommendations to address this nexus in the context of the Arab states’ region. Participants explored the way forward to establish a regional network of women who are in positions to lead efforts aimed at integrating a gender lens into anti-corruption and integrity reforms across the region including in related national and sectoral strategies.

Agenda [English]
List of Participants [English][Arabic]
Presentation on "The link between integrity and gender equality in the Arab countries" - By Nicola Ehlermann [English]
Presentation on "Research overview on corruption and gender" - By Dr. Sarah Dix [English]

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