Workshop on Corruption Prevention: Integrating Corruption Risk Management in the Governance Units

National workshop "Corruption prevention: Integrating corruption risk management in the governance units in Tunisia"

Tunis, Republic of Tunisia, 3/8/2022 - 3/8/2022

Organized by: UNDP-ACIAC in cooperation with Tunisia's Directorate General on Governance and Corruption Prevention

In cooperation with the General Directorate of Governance and Corruption Prevention in the Government of Tunisia, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) organized a workshop on “Corruption Prevention: Integrating Corruption Risk Management in the Governance Units” in Tunis on 8 March 2022, as part of its regional project on Anti-Corruption and Integrity in Arab Countries (ACIAC) which is implemented in partnership with the Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA).

The workshop supports the work of the governance units established in 2016 in state ministries, municipalities, public institutions and publicly held companies. These units are responsible for ensuring the application of governance and corruption prevention principles within the entity to which they belong, in accordance with laws and regulations and contribute to the development of national and sectoral programs, strategies, and action plans for governance and corruption prevention.

The workshop was attended by representatives of the governance units in ministries and public administrations in addition to specialized experts in the field. During the workshop, participants were introduced to UNDP’s Sectoral Corruption Risk Management (SCRM) methodology and the ways to benefit from its application for corruption prevention, implementation of the United Nations Convention against Corruption, and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It also informed participants about the process of developing this methodology, good practices and lessons learned from its application in the previous cooperation between Tunisia and UNDP on corruption risk management in the health sector.

The discussion was followed by practical exercises in small working groups to deepen the knowledge and skills gained from the workshop.

Agenda [English][Arabic]
List of Participants [English][Arabic]
Presentation on "Sectoral Corruption Risk Management Methodology" - By Arkan El-Seblani [Arabic]
Presentation on "Lessons learned from the cooperation between Tunisia and UNDP on Corruption Risk Management in the health sector" [Arabic]

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