Head of Tunisian Government inaugurates the Ministerial Conference with more than 200 participants in attendance
Heads of delegations shared their countries’ experiences in enhancing integrity and fighting corruption
Presentations highlighted a number of success stories in the Arab Region
Discussions highlighted the important role of non-governmental bodies in enhancing accountability
Members of ACINET’s Non-Governmental Group
The Conference included high-level side meetings to explore opportunities for bilateral cooperation
Session on how to enhance the effectiveness of national Anti-corruption strategies
Participants exchanged views on how to strengthen accountability in law and practice
One of the sessions focused on the role of parliaments in exercising accountability
Participants discussed the challenges facing commissions of integrity, anti-corruption and financial and administrative oversight
Participants used hashtag #acinet5 to tweet about the conference
Participants called for a stronger focus on the role of women and youth in accountability to achieve development
Participants stressed the importance of objectively assessing the effectiveness of accountability mechanisms
Transferring ACINET’s Chairmanship from the Lebanese Minister of Justice to the Tunisian Minister of Public function and Governance

Fifth Ministerial Conference of the Arab Anti-Corruption and Integrity Network

Fifth Ministerial Conference of the Arab Anti-Corruption and Integrity Network

Tunis, Tunisia , 9/5/2016 - 9/7/2016

Organized by: UNDP-ACIAC in cooperation with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crimes

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