More than one hundred participants attended the Commemoration
Statement of the UNDP Country Director in Lebanon
Presentation by students of the Faculty of health at the Lebanese University
Presentation by students of the Olayan School of Business at the American University of Beirut
Presentation by students of Faculty of Business Administration at the Antonine University
Presentation by students of Political Science Department at Haigazian University
Presentation by students of Faculty of Law and Political Science and Faculty of Business Administration and Economics at the Notre Dame University
Open discussion between students and high level government officials and civil society representatives
Questions and answers focusing on the role of youth in fighting corruption
Group picture at the closing of the Commemoration

Commemoration of "International Anti-Corruption Day", Lebanon

Commemoration of "International Anti-Corruption Day", Lebanon

Beirut, Republic of Lebanon , 12/18/2015 - 12/18/2015

Organized by: UNDP

On the occasion of the International Anti-Corruption Day which falls on the ninth of December of each year, UNDP launched an initiative in cooperation with a number of university professors consisting of a series of discussions and awareness raising activities for students from different faculties in five leading universities in Lebanon, Lebanese University, American University of Beirut, Haigazian University, Antonine University, and Notre Dame University. During these activities, participating students learned about key anti-corruption concepts and related mechanisms to fight and prevent it. They also discussed the scope of corruption in Lebanon, its causes, its effects and the different ways to address it in light of ongoing challenges, as well as the various role of concerned stakeholders, especially the younger generation.The commemoration gathered around one hundred participants including university students that have participated in this initiative and their professors, as well as representatives of government officials, civil society, relevant faculties, and regional and international organizations. This commemoration served to complement the rich debate that took place during the mentioned activities, and is considered a unique occasion to review anti-corruption efforts in Lebanon and related challenges that face them, including those relating to the implementation of the "United Nations Convention against Corruption," which Lebanon became a State party to in 2009. The event enabled university students participating in the initiative to express their views on these issues and other matters related to the management of public affairs and public money.

Agenda [Arabic]
Statement of UNDP Lebanon [English]
Statement of Minister of Justice of Lebanon [Arabic]
Video Statement of UNDP Administrator [English][Arabic]
List of Participants [English][Arabic]

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