National Consultation Workshop: Towards an Effective Whistleblower Protection System in Tunisia

Tunis, Republic of Tunisia, 3/11/2015 - 3/11/2015

Organized by: UNDP and OECD

In partnership with the Tunisian Government and in cooperation with the Tunisian Anti-Corruption Authority, UNDP and OECD organized a national consultation workshop in Tunis entitled "Towards an Effective Whistleblower Protection System in Tunisia" on 11 March 2015. The workshop raised the awareness of key stakeholders in Tunisia from the Government, public sector, Parliament and civil society on the need to develop an institutional and legislative whistleblower protection framework in the public sector with a view to promoting integrity and strengthening anti-corruption efforts. With the support of international and regional experts and practitioners, participants familiarized themselves with good practices and lessons learned from comparative experiences and with related international standards that can contribute to the development of effective mechanisms in this regard. The workshop also provided participants with an opportunity to share their comments with the steering committee of the anti-corruption legislation project and to provide recommendations to enrich the final version of the bill, and discuss next steps for its adoption and implementation.

Agenda [French]
Recommendations of Regional Workshop on Witness and Whistleblower Protection [Arabic]

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