Heads of all key anti-corruption agencies in the Arab region attended the regional workshop, in the picutre the Jordanian delegation
Active civil society participation, Faisal Al Fahed from Kuwait Transparency Society sharing his views
Alan Doig and Karen Hussmann discussing international standards and practical experiences of anti-corruption agencies
Panel presenting on lessons learned from experiences of anti-corruption agencies in Arab countries
Intervention from the Moroccan delegation
Participants during one of the sessions
The experience of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission was shared by senior Malaysian officials
Participants at the end of the regional workshop

Regional Workshop: “Anti-Corruption Agencies: International Standards"

Regional Workshop:“Anti-Corruption agencies: international standards and practical experiences"

Amman-Jordan, 10/28/2010 - 10/28/2010

Organized by: The Jordanian Anti-Corruption Commission and the Regional Bureau for Arab States at the UN Development Programme.

Under the Patronage of His Excellency the Prime Minister of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Mr. Samir Al Refai, the Jordanian Anti-Corruption Commission organized a regional workshop on “Anti-Corruption agencies: international standards and practical experiences” in Amman, Jordan on 28 October 2010 with the cooperation of the Regional Bureau for Arab States at the UN Development Programme. . The overall aim of the workshop was to launch an interactive and inclusive regional discussion on anti-corruption institutional arrangements starting with the exploration of the concepts and practices associated with specialized anti-corruption bodies, or what is most commonly referred to as Anti-Corruption Agencies. More specifically, the workshop sought to facilitate in-depth knowledge-sharing on the experiences of Anti-Corruption Agencies in a variety of contexts; explore the substantive requirements for institutional arrangements under the UNCAC and the responses adopted by States Parties; and foster an interactive exchange on the experiences of Arab countries in establishing Anti-Corruption Agencies and identifying possible alternative approaches to reinforce
anti-corruption institutional arrangements. Participants to the meeting included heads of regional and international anti-corruption agencies and members of their staff, senior governmental and civil society representatives from the region and related regional and international organizations.

Programme [English][Arabic]
List of participants [English][Arabic]
Reviewing the international experience on Anti-Corruption Agencies [English]
A Case in Focus: the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission [English]
Fighting corruption in post-conflict and recovery situations [English]
Addressing law enforcement functions as a challenge for anti-corruption institutional structures [English]
Overview on anti-corruption institutional arrangements in a selected number of Arab countries [English]
Exploring Article 36 of the United Nations Convention against Corruption and the nexus with Article 6, and related country applications [English]
Exploring Article 6 of the UNCAC and related country applications [English]

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