Conference of the Arab Anti-Corruption and Integrity Network:“National Anti-Corruption Strategies and the Role of National Stakeholders”

Sana'a-Yemen, 7/26/2010 - 7/27/2010

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The conference lasted two full days and featured the second general meeting of ACINET on 27 July 2010 where members reviewed the first cycle’s work progress and adopted the program of work for the second cycle (2010-2011) in addition to a number of resolutions, notably the transfer of the chairmanship of ACINET to the Republic of Yemen represented by the head of the Supreme National Authority for Combating Corruption, H.E. Mr. Ahmad Al Anisi.
Participants discussed for two days the means to support national integrity and anti-corruption efforts through developing, implementing and monitoring specialized national anti-corruption strategies. Participants reviewed the main elements that bolster such strategies and were introduced to Arab and international major successes in the field. They also discussed how to merge pending challenges with these strategies, including challenges related to public sector reform, improving the quality of basic public services, improving parliamentary oversight, reinforcing the role of the judicial system in protecting integrity, facilitating regional and international cooperation in combating crimes of corruption, supporting the participation of the private sector, civil society and media in developing, implementing and monitoring National Anti-Corruption Strategies.

Programme [English][Arabic]
List of participants [English][Arabic]
Conclusions [Arabic]
National Strategy to Combat Corruption in Yemen (2010 - 2014) [Arabic]
Anti-Corruption Policy Making in Practice: Lessons Learned for Implementing Article 5 of UNCAC [English]
Overview of Anti-Corruption Policies [English]
Introduction to Article 5 of UNCAC [English]
Anti-Corruption Strategies: Comparative cases from Indonesia, Pakistan and Zambia [English]
Monitoring the Implementation of National Strategies in Concept and Practice [English]
Direct Anti-Corruption Strategy to Improve Public Services with Cost-Effective Development [Arabic]
Gap Analysis of UNCAC: Indonesia's Experience [English]
National Strategy to Combat Corruption for the Years in Iraq (2010 - 2014) [Arabic]
Palestinian National Authority: Towards a National Strategy to Promote Integrity and Combat Corruption in Palestine [Arabic]
Southern Sudan Anti-Corruption Strategy (2010 - 2014) [English]
National Strategy to Combat Corruption in Jordan (2008-2012) [Arabic]
European Partners Against Corruption: The European Experience [English]
Enhancing Transparency and Integrity in Public Procurement [English]
Tax Evasion - Reality and Recommendations [Arabic]
Combating Corruption and Strengthening Integrity: Malaysian Experience [Arabic]
Linkages Between Corruption and Money-Laundering: Developing Complementary Strategies [English]
Egyptian Experience in the Sectoral and Geographical Analysis of the Phenomenon of Corruption and its Importance in the Development of Anti-Corruption Strategy [Arabic]
Strengthening Integrity in Public Service Delivery: Mainstreaming Sectoral Challenges in National Anti-Corruption Strategies [English]
Tax Evasion - Reality and Recommendations [Arabic]
Entries and Participatory Mechanisms for the Completion of a Comprehensive National Strategy to Promote Transparency and Combat Corruption [Arabic]

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