Regional Workshop on “Supporting UNCAC Implementation: Programming Entry Points and Approaches for the Arab Region”

Gamart, Tunisia, 6/25/2009 - 6/26/2009

Organized by: UNDP’s regional Programme on Governance in the Arab Region (POGAR) with the support of the Democratic Governance Group (DGG) in UNDP’s Bureau for Development Policy (BDP), and in coordination with the host government of the Republic of Tunisia

This workshop serves as a platform to address in more detail the anti-corruption programming priority areas that have been identified during the last meeting in Beirut, as well as identifying themes and issues for the next meeting in 2010.

List of Participants [English]
Background [English][Arabic]
Agenda [English][Arabic]
Introductory Statement [English]
UNDP’s Global Thematic Programme on Anti-Corruption [English]
Institutional Arrangements to Strengthen Judicial Integrity [English]
Strengthening the Capacity to Investigate and Prosecute Corruption Crimes [English]
Good Practices and Lessons Learned from Other Regions [English]
Concepts, Good Practices and Lessons Learned [English]
Interplay with other Anti-Corruption Authorities Challenges and Risks [English]
Good Practices and Lessons Learned on UNCAC Norms and Standards Related to Public Administration Reform [English]
Complementing UNCAC Norms and Standards with Additional Tools and Instruments [English]
Experiences from Europe and the CIS Region [English]
The Omnibus Software Survey (the new UNCAC Self Assessment Checklist) [English]
Assessments and Measurement from a Practical Perspective Benefits, Challenges and the Role of Different Actors [English]

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