Regional Workshop on Witness and Whistleblower Protection

Rabat, Morocco, 4/2/2009 - 4/3/2009

Organized by: UNDP-POGAR,ACINET,Morrocan Ministry of Justice,Moroccan Central Authority for the Prevention of Bribe (Corruption).

The workshop aims to provide a useful basis for research on reform and modernization in the field of witness and whistleblower protection, and to enhance the understanding of these needs more accurately, in addition to contributing to the establishment of general frameworks to carry out a specialized study . Moreover, it demonstrates world experiences in this regard, and also seeks to provide technical recommendations to decision-makers.

Agenda [English][Arabic]
Background Paper [English][Arabic]
List of Participants [English][Arabic]
Whistleblowers Protection-Mr.Hatem Aly [English]
Witness Protection Systems: Concepts and International Best Practices-Ms. Karen Kramer [English]
Whistleblower Protection Systems: Concepts and International Best Practices-Mr. Constantine Palicarsky [English]
Witness and Whistleblower Protection: Some OECD Observations-Ms. Nicola Ehlermann-Cache [English]
Reporting on Corruption, and Whistleblower and Witness Protection laws in Palestinian Legislation-Mr. Jaffal Jaffal [Arabic]
Handling and Protecting Witnesses and Collaborators of Justices: The European Experience-Mr. Fausto Zuccarelli [English]
Approaches to Whistleblower Legislation and the United Kingdom Perspective-Ms. Cathy James [English]
Protecting Whistleblowers: Successful Approaches and Lessons Learned from Country Experiences-Ms. Zora Lederberger [English]
Whistleblower Protection in a Challenging Environment: Case Study from Romania-Mr. Victor Alistar [English]
Conclusions [English][Arabic]

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